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If your car’s color doesn’t exactly ‘WOW’ you anymore, it could be time for a change. A color change wraps, that is. At Wrap’n’Ride located in Vancouver, we’ll take your vehicle’s less-than-inspired appearance and give you a look you love with a car colour change vinyl wrap.

Changing the color of your car used to be a massive expense, requiring the expertise of a body shop with a professional paint booth. We can change vehicle color for you in a fraction of the time and cost with results, and it’s completely customizable according to your taste. The whole car, multiple colors and finishes, just one or two panels – it’s all up to you!

Unlike painting a car, our vinyl wrap doesn’t have to be a final decision. It’s removable, replaceable, and protects the paint underneath from damage too.

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Avery Dennison Car Wrap Films

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3M Car Wraps

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Tesla Model 3 wrapped in Night Blue vinyl
Tesla Model 3 wrapped in Night Blue vinyl in Vancouver

Why Color Change Wraps?

A car body color change used to be a decision not to be taken lightly. After all, paint is a permanent modification. But everything changes when you invest in vinyl car wraps.

With vinyl car wrap, a change of car colour gives you the opportunity to customize your car like never before. The pearlized or glitter paint job that’s nearly impossible to perfectly achieve is done reliably in virtually no time. Gloss, matte, metallic, satin, and patterns are all available to you. We even install color shift car wrap that changes based on the conditions outside!

Vinyl is the perfect choice for your business, since commercial fleet wraps can make each vehicle uniform without breaking the bank. It can be used for passenger cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, or even semi-trucks and cabovers.

Man applying grey vinyl on vehicle's front fender by hand in glove
Man applying blue vinyl on vehicle's hood by hands in gloves

Wrapping a car to change the color takes a tiny fraction of the time it does to paint a car. Rather than being without your vehicle for weeks, not to mention the risks during disassembly and reassembly, a wrap can have the same desired result often in just two to three days.

And while paint is a permanent change, vinyl doesn’t have to be. If you’re tired of the look, the vinyl gets damaged, or you just decide it’s time for something new, your vinyl car wrap can be removed without any issues. The paint underneath is kept in excellent condition, and away from the elements.

In fact, a color change wrap can be used to intentionally protect your car’s finish too. It prevents sun fading, scratches, and stains from bird droppings and acid rain.

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Change Your Car Colour with Vancouver’s Wrap Pros

Serving Vancouver, BC and surrounding communities including Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, and New Westminster, Wrap’n’Ride is right for your car wrap. Our staff will make the vision you have in your mind a reality. Using high-grade films from manufacturers like 3M and Avery Dennison and installed by our professional, experienced technicians, your wrap is guaranteed to make your car stand out.

Whether you want a complete car color change or just a small piece like the roof, dashboard, or console, trust your car to Wrap’n’Ride.

Tesla Model Y - detailed view of the trunk wrapped in Powder Blue
Toyota 4Runner wrapped in Satin Vampire Red