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Commercial Car Wraps in Vancouver

In the early 1900s, vinyl film was developed for use on commercial vehicles to advertise their business. Today, it’s as effective as ever at getting a message across to customers. Commercial vehicle wraps transform your business’s nondescript vehicles into a moving billboard that will be seen by as many as 50,000 to 70,000 people per day, and no one does it better than Wrap’n’Ride.

Make your company vehicles POP! From vinyl lettering to custom printed graphics and complete color change wraps, our services will help you establish your brand image and gather impressions constantly, day in and day out.

Services Wrap’n’Ride Provides

At Wrap’n’Ride, we provide a full slate of vinyl vehicle wrap services, graphics, and decals from our facility in Vancouver, BC. Services we can perform include:


Complete vehicle wrap for cars, trucks, vans, box trucks, semi-trucks, and more.


Color change wraps for any vehicle.


Custom-designed printed graphics for a full or partial wrap.


Partial vehicle wraps.


Spot graphics and vinyl decals.


And more!

No matter what business you’re in, get the word out! A commercial car wrap from Wrap’n’Ride will transform your company vehicle’s looks and makes thousands of impressions every day. Contact us to find out more about custom commercial car wraps and decals today!

Van wrapped in commercial brand advertisement

Why Choose a Commercial Wrap?

Protects your investment

Paint chips, door dings, scuffs and scratches – it’s the cost of owning a commercial vehicle. After the thousands of kilometers driven every year, job sites and parking lots will eat away at the vehicle’s value…except if you have a commercial wrap. Vinyl protects your painted finish from everyday environmental effects that can trash your paint job. Sealed away from the elements, it’s kept clean and protected. And when the time arrives to sell it, the wrap can be easily removed with no ill effects on the paint job.

Convenient and safe

Forget about leaving your business vehicle at the paint shop for two weeks. Business truck wraps of any size can be completed in a single visit over just a few days, even if we’re wrapping a semi-truck.

Consistent looks

Keep your company’s look consistent on every vehicle in the fleet. Commercial truck wraps maintain your professional appearance no matter which unit shows up at the job site. From a cargo van wrap to box truck graphics and semi-truck wraps, vinyl film can be easily adapted and scaled to work on any vehicle, regardless of size and shape.

Cost effective

Achieving a cohesive look for your business vehicles is a costly endeavour if you’re having them painted. Instead, a commercial car wrap is a fraction of the price and takes much less time. And if your logo changes or you rebrand, replacing the wrap is way more cost effective than repainting the vehicle once again.