About Wrap’n’Ride – wrapping company in Vancouver

Your car is a source of pride, and Wrap’n’Ride is committed to providing the highest level of vinyl car wraps, decals, customizations, and Tesla car wraps for vehicle owners in the Lower Mainland. Our company was founded by Jara, an absolute car lover, who developed a passion for cars from a young age. This passion translated into using cars as a canvas for works of art. His love of cars led to his start in the vinyl wrap industry more than seven years ago.

What sets Wrap’n’Ride apart? It’s the dedication to your satisfaction with every detail. Whether it’s the perfect stretch around the corner of a panel, exactly lining up a pattern, or hiding seams from the naked eye, you can count on the highest-quality installation in our shop.

We know you want your wrap to stand the test of time. At Wrap’n’Ride, our meticulous installation process results in the flawless finish you demand, removing any hint of a wrinkle or bubble. We use only high-grade vinyl film from top brands like 3M and Avery Dennison so you don’t have to worry about adhesion issues. You’ll forget it’s a vinyl car wrap, not a paint job!

3M Avery Dennison and KPMF logo
Front view of the small sized Volkswagen in Satin Pearl White Color parked in car shop
Jara Benes, Owner Wrap'n'Ride

Located on Triumph Street just seven minutes from downtown and easy access to the highway, Wrap’n’Ride is Vancouver’s premium shop for vinyl car wraps. The Tesla Motors Service Centre is a block away, and we especially love applying Tesla car wraps for all models.

Call or email us today, or schedule a visit to our facility to see the wrap configurator in action. Explore some of the many options we have available!

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Detailed wrap work on Tesla Model 3
Detailed wrap work on Tesla Model 3